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Kiss of the Damned

Sometimes when you like a movie it’s because of the plot, the cast or the cinematography. And a good movie will usually contain more than one of these attributes. That being said, I still really loved Kiss of the Damned (2012). If I could describe it in just 5 words it would be “sexy campy vampy good times”. And it is!

Listen there is nothing wrong with liking a movie because the stars are gorgeous, and it’s visually stimulates…no pun intended. The film has this campy 70’s pulp vibe that I just love, and the soundtrack is eerily rhythmic. The vampire world that the film is set is uber rich and very stylishly, most of the film is set in a gorgeous mansion Connecticut. Snobby rich vampires are the best!

Djuna letting her fangs out to dry.

And I say this because there sadly isn’t much of a plot to this movie. Summed up: Paolo (Milo Ventimiglia) meets sexy French vampire Djuna (Joséphine de La Baume), they obviously fall madly in love (even though they just met, but hey, hot people fall in love better I guess) and she turns him into a vampire. But happiness is cut short Djuna’s bratty baby sister, Mimi, comes to visit and starts murdering people left and right. Which turns out to be taboo in their vampire culture.

Paolo pondering his new hickies.

So, yes, the plot is laughable and oddly similar to another vampire film I already talked about on this blog, Only Lovers Left Alive. But I enjoyed Kiss of the Damned not for the plot, but because it’s fun to see an arthouse vampire movie every once in a while. The blood is darker and somehow seem sexier and the colors more striking. These vampires are wealthy, sexy and dangerous. All wrapped up in visually pleasing package.

This is the type of movie they would come on only late at night on the indie film channel. And you’d watch it because who doesn’t want to see Euro rich vampires drink blood and have sex?? Not all vampire movies have to be action packed like Blade or traditional like Dracula. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax and just enjoy the art.

– Thanks for reading!

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