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Let the Right One In

Wow, it’s already the end of December! How time flies when the season turns dark and rainy. Since it’s winter I wanted to talk about a vampire movie that fits the dark broody winter vibes. I was tempted to pick a Christmas movie this month, but alas didn’t know of any… brb going to go write one. However, I do know of a great vampire film though that is prefect to watch this winter, Let the Right One In (2008).

LTROI is a Swedish “romantic” vampire film. Which sounds interesting enough, but then it gets better with the vampire being a kick ass child! That’s right people, we got our first baby vampire on the blog!!! Well, a child more than an actual baby, but you know what I mean….Listen movies about vampire children aren’t that common and LTROI focuses on a young (girl?) vampire, Eli, who meets and befriends a lonely human boy, Oskar. It’s a coming of age movie that just so happens to be about a blood craving vampire.

Bloody Eli and Oskar

I love this movie because of how it depicts loneliness. Oskar is bullied at school, has no friends, and his parents are getting divorced. The people who live in his community are shown to be isolated and yearning for human connection. And then a vampire moves in and all hell breaks loose. Since the film is set in Sweden, during the winter, most of the film is shot in the dark. Which is prefect for a vampire film obviously, but it sets this eerie tone, where your not sure when something will jump out at you. The movie makes you feel uneasy. You can’t help but say “dont do it” over and over again (yeah, I’m that person).

Surprisingly the film doesn’t just focus on the budding relationship between the two adolescents, but more of a ripple affect of Eli’s presence in the town. Because once bodies start showing up, it’s not long before tension starts to mount and the hunt for the killer is on. A sense of urgency is introduced. I call it the ‘frog in a pot” feeling. When you know something bad is going to happen, and it does, but deliciously slow. And them WHAM! Or I should say BITE.

Oskar being a little psycho.

I don’t want to spoil what happens, but the climax of the movie definitely pays off! I mean this movie won a lot of awards for its direction and cinematography. Which might not mean much to some movie lovers, but to me, it does give a movie a bit of validation. Like “wow” that movie was good and other people felt the same. There’s also an American remake called, Let Me In, that I will discuss someday on this blog.

This movie might not be ever one’s cup of tea. It’s dark, brutal, and bad things happen to children, which can be hard to watch. Fair warning. However, if you a fan of horror, foreign films, or just great film making, then give Let The Right One In a watch.


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