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The Lost Boys

Ok, Storytime! When I was a young’un, I would stay up really late watching movies. I was probably twelve at the time. I don’t know if I had insomnia, or if I just liked having our big screen tv all to myself. Or that I got to watch all the R rated films to my hearts content while my parents snored away. Maybe a little bit of both. So, late at night I see a teaser for the midnight movie that was about to play, The Lost Boys (1987).

Now, I’m not going to lie and say that young sexy Kiefer Sutherland wasn’t the main reason my pre-teen brain wanted to watch this movie, but let’s go with it. And also vampires! This was obviously a vampire movie. So, I grabbed my mountain of blankets and pillows and tucked myslef in to watch the movie. And twenty years later I can safely say that The Lost Boys is one of my favorite movies to this day.

David and his gang of undead

I’d never seen a teen vampire film before. It was part of the vampire sub genre that was totally new to me. And as a young girl turning into a teenager, I related to it…. maybe not the blood sucking bits, but the becoming an adult part and figuring out who you are.

The plot of film follows Michael a teenage boy who moves to Santa Carla, CA with his mom and younger brother, Sam. Grisly murders have recently begun to plague the town as well. Michael soon meets a teen biker gang, lead by David ( Kiefer S.) and starts to hang out with them and joins the gang, mainly to get a girl, but …. surprise! The teens are actually vampires who have been doing all the killings.

After watching this movie I :

1. Really wanted to move to CA

2. Learn how to ride a motorcycle (hahahaha)

Let’s be honest though, this movies isn’t perfect. It’s from the 80’s so not all the jokes and subplots age really well. Also, I thought Sam, Michael’s younger brother and his friends who somehow end up being the vampire hunters in this movie to be annoying. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are a famous 80’s movie duo, but I never liked them or the slapstick comedy style acting they did. I get that it was the trend at the time, it’s just not for me.

Yes, the Two Corey’s are in this movie.

The special effects and makeup are outstanding though! I’m always fascinated how a director envisions what a vampire’s “demonic” face looks like. Aka when they show their fangs. Because there are many interpretations. Joel Schumacher who directed The Lost Boys did something that was new and edgy for the time. He used colored contacts, prosthetics, and makeup to give the vampires a demon look to them. This style was very different than mainstream vampires at the time. But fans loved it! Later shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer would draw inspiration from Schumacher’s look.

Leader of the vamps, David.

In closing, The Lost Boys is a great movie and you should watch it! But you should especially watch it if you love 80’s horror, want to see a weird interpretation of Peter Pan, or sexy grungy teen vampires. Also, you can thank Joel Schumacher for this infamous scene that will live on in meme history forever.

Thanks for reading!

One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires. – Grandpa

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