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If you asked 18 year old Sandra what her favorite movie was, it would be the 2003 film Underworld. I feel no shame for my unabashed love for this movie. Heck of the 5, yes count them, 5 movies in the series I’ve seen 3. I distinctly remember watching this film late at night at a friends house and immediately asking if I could borrow the DVD to rewatch at my house… a dozen more times. Why did I love this movie so much?

Well, I was teen when I first watched it and was not as well versed in good movies at that time, plus it was dark and edgy. Kate Beckinsale who plays the main character, Selene, is gorgeous and kicks major ass throughout the film. And then there’s Scott Speedman, who plays Michael in the movie. Not going to lie, I had the biggest crush on Scott Speedman growing up. He stared in the TV show Felicity and I lowkey wanted to marry him…he’s ok in this movie.

Scott Speedman as Michael (swoons)

Back to the dark and edgy bit. The movie is set in Budapest, and shoot mainly at night. It is literally a dark movie. Almost all the characters wear either black or dark grey, so the color tone of the movie matches this dark grungy atmosphere. Which makes sense, the title of the film is Underworld.

Which brings me to the plot. This just isn’t just a vampire movie, oh no my friends, this is a vampire vs werewolf movie. Mic drop. Quick note, vampires are my favorite movies monsters, but werewolves are a very close second. And this film has them clawing, shooting and slashing each other to bits. It’s amazing. Back to the plot, vampires and werewolves have a secret war that’s been raging for centuries while humans are mainly unaware.

I love that the vampire’s eyes turn this frosty blue color.

Selene is a vampire warrior, a Death Dealer, who uncovers a conspiracy between the werewolves and traitors in her coven. Michael is a human who gets caught up in the blood and fangs. Lots of action, high tech weapons and latex! Not sure why Selene needs to wear a full body suit AND a corset, but to each their own. Len Wiseman the director must have dug it bc him and Kate Beckinsale got married after they filmed this movie together….

I will eventual review the other films in the Underworld series, but to say the first film is my favorite is without question. I mean, I even had the poster in my bedroom. This was the first collectors edition DVD that I ever owned. Now I can just go to Netflix and watch my favorite scenes whenever I want. Still, for a vampire vs werewolf action film, there’s a little bit of mystery, forbidden love and some very impressive fight sequences. Turn off the lights and give it a watch!

Watch your neck! Jeez

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