What We Do In the Shadows

What’s better than a horror comedy? A vampire mockumentary horror comedy. What We Do In the Shadows (2014) is a such a wonderfully weird movie, that I did not know I needed in my life. I think I watched this movie like 5 times within six months, all with different friends so I could share my new movie obsession.

Vampires and Stu

The premise of WWDIS is a documentary film crew follows and films four vampires who live together in modern day New Zealand. This film was written and directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, aka the very talented musical group, Flight of the Conchords, so you know it’s going to be hilarious. It’s also absurdly funny and bloody!

What makes this movie so funny? Well, you see the four vampires that are in this movie may live in modern times, but they are very much still living in the past. The vampires range from haughty aristocrat, ancient warlord, rebel peddler, and a bat like creature. They represent the different tropes of vampires in film, such as Interview with a Vampire, Dracula (two versions, 30’s & 90’s), Nosferatu and even Twilight!

Vladislav, Deacon and Viago being silly,

I could gush about this movie all day. The costumes are wonderful and adds to the characters quirky personalities. I really like the side characters, who might not have a lot of dialogue (looking at you Stu) , but still fill in the movie nicely. Since it’s filmed like a documentary, you get carried along with the characters and the plot just goes with the flow. Which is great for a silly comedy that just so happens to be about vampires.

This movie made me die laughing (no pun intended) . Just watching these clueless vampires attempt to live and go unnoticed in the world, whilst being followed around by a film crew is comedy gold. Add in some werewolves, vampire hunters, ex lovers and you got yourselves a winner. It’s no wonder that the creators went on to make a spin off tv series that is also wildly funny. But my heart still belongs to the original film.

A perfect film to watch this Halloween. Maybe not with small children….. did I mention all the blood?

Thanks for reading!

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