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It’s Officially Fall!

Leaves start changing colors. A crisp wind stirs the air. Eerie music starts to play….. I rise from my depressive slumber. Looks into the camera (there’s a camera now) and says “Did someone say Halloween”?? Record scratch.

I’m back! I took a short break to sharpen my fangs and now I’m thirsty for some vampire movies! Usually during the month of October I watch all things horror. And I do mean all, space horror, slasher, zombie, body horror (shudders), science fiction, etc. But this Halloween I’m doing something different. To show my dedication to this blog and my undying love for my favorite horror genre, I’m watching nothing but vampire movies!

The rules are simple: the movie must pertain some type of blood sucking creature. That’s it. Because as we will soon discover on this blog, not all vampire movies are created equal. I want to really dive into the genre and explore the mythos of vampires in film . And hopefully find some new favorites and recommendations for my spooky like minded friends.

A couple movies on my wish list are:

  1. Nosferatu (1922) – A classic that I really need to watch.
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) – Love the show, now to see the original movie.
  3. The Underworld Series – ……I’ll explain later…. don’t judge me.
  4. Fright Night (1985) – Cult classic need I say more?
  5. Salem’s Lot (1979) – Liked the book, now to compare them!

As you can see I’m planing on watching a variety of types of vampire films. This year might suck balls, but at least I can still enjoy watching horror movies this October! Stay tuned for my updates.

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